There is no prosperity without people and planet.  We are all interconnected.   


This is the city I am striving to build and protect:

  • safe city, where you can enjoy your home, your neighbourhood and your community
  • an affordable city that prioritizes core services and demonstrates excellence in fiscal management
  • caring city, where we support our most vulnerable citizens and create opportunities to thrive
  • healthy city with clean air and water, parks, trails, greenspaces, active transportation infrastructure
  • diverse city that values and welcomes everyone -- every colour, race, religion, ability, age and gender identity and more.   
  • an engaged city that actively communicates local issues and seeks meaningful input from residents
  • an accessible city where all levels of ability can participate in civic life
  • a future-ready city that utilizes best practices and technology with entrepreneurial spirit


To achieve these goals, I will lead and champion:

  • a stronger relationship with the County of Wellington, who deliver our social services programs
  • increased community safety measures, including early prevention at the neighbourhood levels through groups like GNSC
  • leadership and advocacy for mental health funding and resources from the provincial government
  • protection and investment in our urban canopy, parks and trail linkages that encourage active transportation
  • further refinement of our multi-year budgeting process to promote affordable taxation
  • policies and practices within City Hall that ensure accessiblity and equity in every aspect of city operations
  • stronger public engagement practices using best practices from around the world and new online resources
  • accessible parks and public spaces
  • communcations and events that celebrate our cultural and demographic diversity
  • a living wage for all city staff, seasonal workers and contractors
  • greater frequency of newsletters and online town hall chats with Ward 5 residents