Without a healthy environment, there will be no prosperity.  Cities are an the frontline of climate change -- its impacts and the solutions.  Our tree canopy, clean water, transportation, urban design, waste management are just a few of the ways that cities play a role in preparing us for a future where climate change will affect each and everyone of us.  Rising energy costs will make housing and everyday life, including food supply, more expensive.  We must act now.  Leanne has a long history of environmental activism and has led Council initiatives this past term to declare a climate emergency and commit to net zero by 2050 (or earlier).  Status quo is not good enough for the next generation.  Bold action is needed, now.


This is the city I am striving to build and protect:

  • a net zero city that no longer contributes to the global carbon problem
  • an integrated network of trails and parks that encourage more active transportation
  • a city of parks, trails and greenspaces that contribute to stormwater management and air quality
  • a sustainable groundwater city that provides clean, safe drinking water to its citizens
  • a city with a 40% urban canopy to act as a carbon sink and reduce urban heat impact
  • a city with frequent and reliable transit 
  • a city of community gardens and urban agriculture and "eat local" initiatives


To achieve these goals, I will lead and champion:

  • faster strategic investment in energy conservation and renewables in all areas of city building
  • appropriate resources and funding to fast-track the Community Energy Initiative where ROI is highest
  • continue to grow partnerships with Chamber of Commerce, eMerge Guelph and other organizations who enable our net zero goals
  • stronger incentives for businesses to transform to carbon neutral technologies (ie. solar on the roof at Stone Road Mall and other large warehouse structures)
  • more resources for tree planting, maintenance and stormwater infrastructure to conserve groundwater
  • increase funding for transit and feasibility study for "free transit" initiative for high school students
  • continued support for the city's circular food economy initiatives
  • strategic partnerships with the University of Guelph to innovate on climate change solutions