People First. Always.


William Shakespeare wrote "What is the city but the people?" (Coriolanus, Act III, Scene 1, l. 245)

Municipalities are the level of government closest to home, and have the greatest impact on our everday lives.  Everything from the roads you drive, to the sidewalks, parks, fire, police, ambulance, your sewers, your trees and the water you drink -- this is your municipal government at work.  

A vibrant and well-functioning city is core to the role of a city councillor.  


This is the city I am striving to build and protect:

  • safe city, where you can enjoy your home, your neighbourhood and your community
  • a caring city, where we support our most vulnerable citizens and create opportunities to thrive
  • a healthy city with clean air and water, parks, trails, greenspaces, active transportation infrastructure
  • an affordable city that prioritizes core services and demonstrates excellence in fiscal management
  • a diverse city that values and welcomes everyone -- every colour, race, religion, ability, age and gender identity and more.   
  • an engaged city that actively communicates local issues and seeks meaningful input from residents
  • an accessible city where all levels of ability can participate in civic life
  • a future-ready city that utilizes best practices and technology with entrepreneurial spirit


To achieve these goals, I will lead and champion:

  • a stronger relationship with the County of Wellington, who deliver our social services programs
  • stronger advocacy for mental health funding and resources from the provincial government
  • protection and investment in our urban canopy, parks and trail linkages that encourage active transportation
  • further refinement of our multi-year budgeting process to promote affordable taxation
  • stronger public engagement practices - meaningful best practices that truly value early and often check-points for community input
  • development of more accessible parks and playgrounds throughout the city
  • increased web-based customer-service tools, resources and apps