Here to Listen

Democracy is a two-way street.  I believe in listening first, then leading and acting. I actively seek input from Ward 5 residents.  I host frequent  town halls, open mics, attend neighbourhood meetings,  produce a regular newsletter and am available to respond to your concerns.  I want to hear about issues that matter to you


Here to learn

A healthy democracy has a balance of new and experienced voices.  We know that 1/3 of the next council will be new faces due to retirements.  More than ever, our community needs leaders at the table who understand local issues and have a strong history of serviceadvocacy and engagement with residents.  I put people first in everything I do.


Here to Lead 

Change is inevitable.  But we decide how our city develops to create the community we are proud to call home.  I'm in it for the long haul and am looking 20+ years down the road.  I am committed to protecting our futuretackling the big issues that affect our affordability and quality of life.  Now, and for the next generation.