Gow's Bridge

Village by the Arboretum

About Ward 5

We are a very diverse ward, encompassing the Speed River, parkland, wetlands and natural heritage areas, sports facilities, schools, the University of Guelph, new subdivisions, the city’s first Heritage Conservation District, the city's largest commercial district (Stone Road), and a thriving employment sector.  Our vibrant community is home to seniors, students, families, young couples,, youth of every colour, religion, abilty, gender identity and sexual orientation.  I am so thankful our neighbourhoods are welcoming and inclusive of all.

The current boundary of Ward 5 is as follows:

  • The Speed River to the north,
  • Arkell Road to the southeast, Kortright to the southwest,
  • Victoria Road to the east, and
  • The city limits to the west.

Are you wondering if you live in Ward 5 and/or if you are on the list of electors?  You can check online by visiting the City of Guelph website here.

U fo G Gryphon

Hanlon Creek

Our Neighbourhoods, Our Neighbours

Ward 5 is a community of vibrant and unique historic and newer neighbourhoods, high, medium and low density, the University of Guelph, Village by the Arboretum, hotels, schools, agri-food research park, and Guelph’s largest retail shopping mall.   We've got all the best the city has to offer.  

We are home to every colour, race, religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability. Our proximity to the University, downtown Guelph and the largest greenspaces (Preservation Park, Hanlon Creek, Speed River and Arboretum) makes our ward unique in the city.